Tandoori Saffran Chai


  • Exquisite saffron aroma
  • Infused with tandoori essence
  • Royal Emirati brew fusion
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  • Golden Hue, Smoky Whisper: Tandoori Saffron Chai blends the royal and radiant saffron strands with the signature smokiness of a clay tandoor, offering a sensory indulgence.
  • Saffron Sophistication: This chai incorporates the prized saffron, known for its subtle flavor and vibrant color, adding an element of luxury to every sip.
  • Emirati-Indian Excellence: With roots in both the grandeur of Emirati cuisine and the warmth of Indian chai culture, this brew seamlessly marries heritage and innovation.
  • A Symphony of Flavors: Beneath the saffron and smoky notes, hints of traditional chai spices like cardamom and cloves might linger, enriching the taste palette.
  • Royal Refreshment: Serving as a perfect beverage for special occasions or quiet moments of reflection, Tandoori Saffron Chai elevates the tea experience to regal heights.


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