Tandoori Chocolate Chai


  • Smoky cocoa infusion
  • Brewed with a tandoori touch
  • Chocolaty chai innovation
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  • Sensual Smoky Sweetness: Tandoori Chocolate Chai melds the richness of cocoa with the distinct smoky aroma of being brewed in a clay tandoor, creating an unparalleled tea experience.
  • Chocolaty Chai Charm: This innovative blend marries the comforting warmth of traditional chai with the indulgence of chocolate, offering a delightful twist to your tea ritual.
  • Emirati-Indian Culinary Craft: Drawing inspiration from the Indian subcontinent and catering to the Emirati love for unique flavors, this chai stands as a testament to culinary creativity.
  • Layered Luxury: Beyond the smoky undertones and cocoa richness, spices like cardamom and cinnamon might dance in the backdrop, enhancing the overall flavor symphony.
  • A Beverage Beyond: More than just a tea, Tandoori Chocolate Chai offers an immersive experience, bridging the gap between traditional brews and modern gourmet delights.


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