Mutton Garlic


  • Savory mutton pieces
  • Marinated in a garlic-rich sauce
  • Crafted to Emirati excellence
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  • Quality Mutton Choice: Premium cuts of mutton, known for their rich taste and tenderness.
  • Garlic Intensity: Infused with a generous amount of freshly minced garlic, delivering an aromatic and potent garlic flavor.
  • Savory Sauce Fusion: Merged with a sauce blend of soy, a hint of oyster sauce, and a touch of brown sugar, creating a balanced taste profile.
  • Emirati Culinary Twist: A harmonious fusion of the traditional garlic mutton recipe with the refined touch of Emirati cooking techniques.
  • Deep-Flavored Dining: A dish that brings forward the depth of mutton flavors enhanced by the boldness of garlic, offering a gastronomic treat.


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