• Slow-stewed meat in a rich, spiced gravy – the essence of Nihari.
  • Relish the profound depths of traditional Nihari flavors.
  • A culinary delight that takes you on a journey of spice and tenderness.
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  • Dawn Delicacy: Nihari, traditionally consumed as a breakfast dish, is a testament to patience and flavor mastery. Our rendition sees prime cuts of meat slow-cooked overnight in a potently spiced broth, ensuring melt-in-the-mouth tenderness and a deeply infused taste.
  • Flavorful Fusion: The allure of our Nihari lies in its intricate spice blend. Star anise, bay leaves, fennel seeds, and ginger intermingle with the richness of the meat, crafting a dish that’s both aromatic and flavorsome.
  • Wholesome & Hearty: Beyond its captivating taste, Nihari stands tall as a nutritional offering. With its protein-laden meat and a medley of beneficial spices, it promises a meal that’s as nourishing as it is delectable.
  • Echoes of Tradition: Drawing from age-old recipes, our Nihari resonates with culinary traditions of yesteryears, making it a sought-after dish for those who value authenticity and heritage.
  • Serving Suggestion: Ideally consumed hot, drizzled with fresh lemon juice, and garnished with julienned ginger and fresh coriander. A side of hot naan or steamed rice complements the rich flavors beautifully.


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