Prawn Chop Suey (Fresh)


  • Fresh succulent prawns
  • Layered over crispy noodles
  • An Emirati-Chinese gastronomic meld
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  • reshwater Prawn Stars: Delicate and juicy prawns, carefully selected for their pristine quality, promise a delightful seafood experience.
  • Crispy Noodle Foundation: Golden fried noodles form the textural base, offering a contrasting crunch to the soft prawns.
  • Luscious Sauce Blanket: A harmonious blend of soy, ginger, and other classic flavors, the sauce lovingly drapes over the prawns and noodles.
  • Vibrant Vegetable Mix: Sauteed vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, and snap peas add a burst of color, texture, and nutrition to the dish.
  • Emirati-Chinese Fusion Mastery: Prawn Chopsuey seamlessly merges traditional Chinese preparation with nuances tailored to the Emirati palate, crafting a dish that’s both nostalgic and innovative.


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