American Chop Suey


  • Crispy noodle extravaganza
  • Topped with tangy sweet-sour sauce
  • Emirati-American-Chinese trio treat
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  • Crisp Noodle Nest: Golden fried noodles, offering a delightful crunch, lay the foundation for this dish.
  • Sweet-Sour Symphony: A sauce rich in flavors, balancing sweet undertones with sour hints, generously poured over the noodles.
  • Vegetable & Protein Medley: Tossed with an assortment of fresh vegetables and optional proteins (chicken, beef, or seafood), providing depth and variety to each bite.
  • Emirati-American-Chinese Fusion: While rooted in the Chinese-American culinary tradition, this dish is adapted to cater to the Emirati palate, ensuring a taste that resonates locally.
  • Textural Temptation: The combination of crispy noodles with the thick sauce and toppings makes American Chopsuey a feast for the senses, both in taste and texture.


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