Sahar Chicken Ginger


  • Savor the zesty allure of Chicken Ginger, a fusion of tender chicken and aromatic ginger.
  • A culinary masterpiece, offering a spicy and fragrant burst of flavors.
  • Embrace an authentic South Asian delight, now available in the UAE.
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  • Ginger Galore: Every bite of our Chicken Ginger unveils the dominant, aromatic profile of freshly ground ginger, harmoniously melded with chicken.
  • Tantalizing Taste: Slow-cooked to perfection, this dish ensures that the chicken soaks up the robust flavors, delivering a mouthwatering experience with every bite.
  • Spice Symphony: Beyond ginger, a medley of spices such as garlic, green chilies, and cumin imbue this dish with layered richness, making it a favorite among spice lovers.
  • Traditional Touch: Rooted in the classic recipes of South Asia, our Chicken Ginger is a heartfelt homage to age-old culinary traditions.
  • Serve & Savor: Ideal with steamed rice, naan, or roti, Chicken Ginger is a versatile dish that promises an exquisite taste journey.


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