Chicken Biryani (Sp Dum)


  • Succulent chicken layered with fragrant rice, slow-cooked in the traditional Dum style.
  • Experience the aromatic magic of special Dum Chicken Biryani.
  • A feast of flavors and spices that promises an authentic culinary journey.
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  • Biryani Brilliance: Our Chicken Biryani Sp Dum is the epitome of culinary artistry, where tender chicken marinated in a blend of exotic spices is layered with long-grain Basmati rice and slow-cooked in a sealed pot, allowing the flavors to meld beautifully.
  • Dum Delight: Embracing the age-old Dum technique, this biryani captures the essence of authentic biryani preparation. The sealed cooking process ensures that every grain of rice is infused with the rich flavors of the marinated chicken and aromatic spices.
  • Symphony of Spices: Star anise, cloves, bay leaves, and saffron are just a few of the spices that play a role in elevating this dish to its iconic status, creating a taste that’s both complex and deeply satisfying.
  • For the True Biryani Lover: Whether you’re a biryani aficionado or a newbie to this delicacy, our Chicken Biryani Sp Dum is sure to captivate your palate and take you on a flavor voyage steeped in tradition.
  • Serving Suggestion: Best savored with raita or a side of mirchi ka salan. Garnish with caramelized onions, boiled egg, and fresh coriander for a complete biryani experience.


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