Chicken Boti


  • Dive into the flavorsome world of our Chicken Boti, marinated chunks of chicken heaven.
  • Spiced, skewered, and grilled to perfection.
  • An ode to South Asian culinary art, now taking center stage in the UAE.
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  • Charred Charm: Expertly grilled, our Chicken Boti boasts a smoky aroma and tantalizing charred edges, delivering a rustic taste experience.
  • Marination Marvel: Soaked in a rich blend of aromatic spices, yogurt, and herbs, the chicken chunks absorb the flavors, promising a burst of taste with every bite.
  • Tender & Tasty: Handpicked chicken pieces ensure a tender, juicy bite, making the Chicken Boti a favorite for meat lovers.
  • South Asian Specialty: Drawing inspiration from the bustling streets of South Asia, our Chicken Boti is a dish steeped in tradition and taste.
  • UAE’s Grill Glory: Perfectly balancing spice and smokiness, our Chicken Boti has carved a niche for itself among the UAE’s gourmet grill delights.


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