Tandoori Roti


  • Savor the age-old charm of Tandoori Roti, fresh from the clay oven’s embrace.
  • A perfect blend of crispy exterior and soft inside, embodying centuries of culinary tradition.
  • UAE’s nod to the subcontinent’s rich gastronomic legacy, served warm and fresh.
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  • Clay Oven Craftsmanship: Our Tandoori Roti is a testament to the mastery of baking in a traditional tandoor, resulting in a bread that’s unmatched in flavor and texture.
  • Whole-Wheat Wonder: Made from whole-wheat flour, this roti isn’t just delicious but also packs the wholesomeness and nutrition of whole grains.
  • Rustic and Real: With its slightly charred exterior and soft, fluffy core, every bite takes you on a journey back in time to age-old culinary traditions.
  • Universal Companion: Whether paired with a spicy curry or savored with a dab of butter, Tandoori Roti complements a wide range of dishes, making it a favorite across cuisines.
  • Heritage and Health: In merging the time-tested methods of the subcontinent with the health-conscious demands of the modern UAE diner, our Tandoori Roti stands out as both authentic and nutritious.


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