Chicken Bihari Roll


  • Relish the spicy delight of our Chicken Bihari Roll, a fusion of deeply marinated chicken with fresh wraps.
  • Tender chicken chunks infused with Bihari spices, rolled seamlessly for a zesty bite.
  • A traditional delicacy reimagined, making waves in the culinary landscape of the UAE.
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  • Bihari Brilliance: Our roll celebrates the Chicken Bihari — marinated in a medley of ground spices, yoghurt, and tenderizers, capturing the essence of Bihari cuisine.
  • Crispy Carrier: Wrapped in a golden-brown flatbread, the spiced chicken is cushioned by layers that offer crunch and softness in tandem.
  • Condiment Companions: Teamed with tangy chutneys, fresh lettuce, and slivers of onions, each bite is an explosion of flavors, delivering heat, sweetness, and tang.
  • Traditional Transformation: Rooted in the rich culinary heritage of South Asia, our Chicken Bihari Roll showcases the classic flavors with a twist tailored for contemporary tastes.
  • UAE’s Spice Sensation: Merging the zest of Bihari cuisine with the convenience of a roll, this dish is a favorite among those seeking a spicy adventure in the Emirates.


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