• Warm aromatic brew
  • Revitalizing sip
  • Emirati daily ritual
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  • Soothing Sips: Tea, with its delicate flavors and aroma, offers a tranquil moment in every cup, be it a start to the day or a mid-day refresher.
  • Global Grains, Emirati Essence: While the tea leaves may hail from distant lands, the way tea is brewed and enjoyed is uniquely Emirati, symbolizing the country’s cosmopolitan spirit.
  • Perfect Pairings: Whether enjoyed with a splash of milk, a hint of cardamom, or simply steeped, tea complements a range of Emirati snacks, from dates to pastries.
  • Community Connector: Tea isn’t just a beverage in the UAE; it’s a communal experience, often shared among friends, family, and even business associates, making it a staple in social settings.
  • Everyday Elixir: Acting as a gentle pick-me-up, tea is the perfect beverage for any time of the day, providing both relaxation and rejuvenation.


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