Fish Biryani


  • Revel in the oceanic flavors of our Fish Biryani, a coastal wonder.
  • Where aromatic spices dance with tender fish pieces in a harmonious blend.
  • Dive into a wave of taste that’s both fresh and fragrant.
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  • Coastal Culinary Craft: Discover a biryani that marries the treasures of the sea with traditional biryani artistry.
  • Flaky Fish Finale: Featuring choice cuts of fish, marinated to perfection, our biryani ensures a flaky and flavorful experience in every bite.
  • Oceanic Aromas: Layers of long-grained rice, imbued with saffron and a mix of aromatic spices, combined with fish, creating a feast that’s both delicate and rich.
  • UAE’s Seafood Specialty: A nod to the Emirates’ coastal legacy, Fish Biryani is a dish that resonates with seafood lovers, offering a different take on a classic favorite.
  • Authentic and Alluring: Prepared with dedication and authenticity, our Fish Biryani offers a taste experience that lingers, capturing the essence of the ocean and age-old recipes.


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