Sahar Chicken Tikka


  • Savor the dual delight of our Chicken Tikka, featuring succulent leg and tender chest meat.
  • Perfectly marinated and grilled, capturing the essence of Indian culinary artistry.
  • Relish the harmony of flavors and textures, a gastronomic gem now in the UAE.
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  • Tandoor’s Treasure: Our Chicken Tikka is meticulously prepared using a traditional tandoor, giving it the characteristic smoky aroma and delectable charred edges.
  • Two-fold Temptation: Experience the juiciness of the leg meat paired with the lean, tender goodness of the chest, offering a well-rounded bite every time.
  • Marination Mastery: Bathed in a special blend of yogurt, spices, and herbs, our Chicken Tikka promises an unforgettable flavor journey with each morsel.
  • Legacy of Flavors: Representing the rich culinary heritage of India, our Chicken Tikka is a testament to age-old recipes passed down through generations.
  • UAE’s Culinary Canvas: Bridging the traditions of India with the diverse palate of the Emirates, our Chicken Tikka (Leg & Chest) stands out as a favored choice among food enthusiasts.

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Chest Piece, Leg Piece


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