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  • Fresh Fakoos (also known as Kakadee or Armenian Cucumbers), a local specialty.
  • Lightly ribbed, slender, and exuding a mild, refreshing taste.
  • Perfect for salads, pickling, or enjoying as a hydrating snack.
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  • Local Delight: Sourced from our regional farms, offering a taste that’s truly unique to our community.
  • Mild and Crisp: Unlike regular cucumbers, Fakoos has a subtly sweet flavor and a distinctively tender bite.
  • Eco-Friendly Cultivation: Grown using sustainable methods that celebrate local agricultural traditions.
  • Versatile in Cuisine: A delicious addition to salads, pickles, or simply sprinkled with some salt and enjoyed as is.
  • Freshness Assured: Handpicked and packaged with utmost care to ensure the essence of Fakoos is captured in every piece.

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