Tawa Paratha


  • Dive into the layers of Tawa Paratha, crispy outside and soft within.
  • Experience the rich, buttery embrace of traditional Indian culinary artistry.
  • UAE’s tribute to the delectable delights of the Indian subcontinent.
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  • Layered Luxury: Our Tawa Paratha unfolds layer by delightful layer, revealing the intricate art of traditional paratha-making.
  • Golden Griddle Magic: Cooked to a crispy golden hue on a hot tawa, this paratha promises both taste and texture in every bite.
  • Buttery Bliss: With hints of butter or ghee infused between its layers, the Tawa Paratha is a rich and indulgent treat that elevates any meal.
  • Versatile Virtue: From spicy gravies to tangy pickles, the Tawa Paratha pairs perfectly with a range of accompaniments, adapting seamlessly to the diverse tastes of the UAE.
  • Tradition Meets Taste: Drawing from age-old recipes, our Tawa Paratha is a harmonious blend of tradition and taste, ensuring an authentic dining experience.


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