• Dive into the aromatic world of Sheermal, a saffron-kissed delight from ancient culinary traditions.
  • A sweet symphony of flavors, marrying the best of cardamom and saffron in every bite.
  • UAE’s homage to a timeless delicacy of the Indian subcontinent.
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  • Saffron Splendor: Sheermal gets its iconic golden hue and aromatic signature from the luxurious strands of saffron, creating an unforgettable taste experience.
  • Sweetened Soiree: Gently sweetened, this bread becomes a delightful intermediary between desserts and mains, making it a versatile dining choice.
  • Cardamom Charm: Fragrant undertones of cardamom elevate the Sheermal, adding depth and a refreshing touch to its rich profile.
  • Tradition Talks: Drawing from age-old recipes, our Sheermal is a harmonious blend of flavors, techniques, and memories, promising an authentic taste journey.
  • Perfect Pairing: Whether savored with rich gravies or enjoyed solo, Sheermal’s delicate flavors shine, making it a prized element in UAE’s diverse culinary canvas.


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