Kulcha Nan


  • Leavened Punjabi bread
  • Soft texture with a slight chew
  • Emirati-Indian culinary harmony
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  • Traditional Leavening: Crafted using a time-honored fermentation process, Kulcha Nan achieves its distinct softness and delightful puff.
  • Tandoor-Baked Elegance: Baked in a traditional clay tandoor, it captures smoky undertones that elevate its overall flavor profile.
  • Subtle Sesame Sprinkle: Occasionally adorned with sesame seeds, it introduces a nutty flavor and an added layer of texture.
  • Emirati-Indian Taste Merger: Kulcha Nan is a reflection of the seamless integration of Punjabi culinary roots with the Emirati penchant for soft, fluffy breads.
  • Universal Pairing: Be it succulent gravies, dry vegetables, or rich dals, Kulcha Nan complements them all, making it a staple choice for many.


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