Garlic Nan


  • Fragrant garlic infusion
  • Soft, golden-baked bread
  • Emirati-Indian culinary masterpiece
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  • Garlic Aroma Emanation: Infused with freshly minced garlic and herbs, this naan promises an aromatic and flavorful dining experience.
  • Tandoor-Touched Excellence: Baked to perfection in a traditional clay tandoor, achieving a desirable balance between softness and crispy edges.
  • Lavish Butter Drizzle: Brushed generously with melted butter, each bite of the Garlic Naan is a rich, mouth-watering delight.
  • Emirati-Indian Taste Fusion: While deeply rooted in Indian culinary traditions, our Garlic Naan has been tailored to satiate the Emirati palate, ensuring widespread appeal.
  • Versatile Side Dish: Its aromatic nature complements a plethora of dishes, from spicy gravies to mild creamy curries, making it a must-have on every dining table.


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