Aloo Pratha


  • Stuffed with spiced potato filling
  • Crisp exterior, soft inside
  • Emirati-Indian breakfast favorite
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  • Hearty Potato Filling: A delectable mixture of mashed potatoes, seasoned with a blend of spices, ensuring a flavorful burst with every bite.
  • Golden Griddle-Cooked: Perfectly pan-fried, the Aloo Pratha boasts a crisp exterior while retaining a soft and moist interior.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Rooted in age-old Indian culinary traditions, this bread showcases the art of making stuffed flatbreads.
  • Emirati-Indian Taste Journey: While staying true to its Indian origins, our Aloo Pratha is tailored to delight Emirati taste buds, striking a balance between spice and flavor.
  • All-rounder Meal: Ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this versatile dish pairs perfectly with yogurt, pickles, or a dollop of butter.


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