Gol Gappy (Dahi Walay)


  • Crispy hollow puris
  • Laced with creamy yogurt
  • Emirati-Indian tangy delight
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  • Puri Perfection: Gol Gappy, universally loved for their crispness, take a delectable twist when paired with velvety yogurt, offering a textured taste sensation.
  • Creamy Yogurt Infusion: Each hollow puri is generously filled with smooth, seasoned yogurt, introducing a creamy and cool dimension to the spicy-tangy profile.
  • Savory Fillings: Typically complemented by a mixture of boiled potatoes and chickpeas, these additions add depth and a fulfilling touch to every bite.
  • Emirati-Indian Culinary Crossover: While the yogurt variant of Gol Gappy is a cherished treat in parts of the Indian subcontinent, its refreshing taste has garnered affection from Emirati taste buds as well.
  • Street Food with a Twist: Representing the diverse palette of street foods, Dahi Walay Gol Gappy are a testament to the versatility and endless variations of this beloved snack.


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