Prawn Garlic (Fresh)


  • Succulent fresh prawns
  • Infused with deep garlic flavors
  • Prepared to Emirati perfection
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  • Pristine Prawn Pick: Luscious, fresh prawns, celebrated for their tender bite and mild sweetness.
  • Garlic Essence: Thoroughly marinated in a robust garlic mixture, bestowing an intense and aromatic dimension to the prawns.
  • Balancing Sauce Harmony: Accented with a mix of soy sauce, a drizzle of lime, and a dash of white pepper, creating a harmonized taste backdrop.
  • Emirati-Seafood Alchemy: A tantalizing blend of the ocean’s bounty with the timeless allure of garlic, all masterfully adjusted to Emirati tastes.
  • Dining Euphoria: This dish provides a culinary journey where the freshness of prawns is brilliantly amplified by the potent essence of garlic.


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