Beef Chop Suey


  • Choice beef morsels
  • Crowned on crispy noodles
  • Emirati-Chinese flavor harmonization
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  • Premium Beef Bites: Prime cuts of beef, seasoned and slow-cooked, ensure a tender and savory meaty bite.
  • Crisp Noodle Platform: A bed of golden-fried noodles, providing the ideal crunch, perfectly contrasts the beef’s succulence.
  • Rich Oriental Sauce: Infused with soy, garlic, and a dash of five-spice, this sauce encapsulates the beef and noodles, tying the dish’s flavors together seamlessly.
  • Vegetable Mélange: A selection of sautéed vegetables like bell peppers, snow peas, and mushrooms adds layers of texture, color, and nutrition to the ensemble.
  • Emirati-Chinese Fusion Delight: Beef Chopsuey merges the hearty essence of beef loved in the UAE with the time-honored techniques of Chinese cuisine, yielding a dish of unparalleled flavor depth.


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