Chicken Karahi


  • Immerse yourself in the fiery embrace of spices and chicken, masterfully crafted in a traditional karahi.
  • Experience authentic South Asian flavors bursting with every bite of our Chicken Karahi.
  • A celebration of spices, tender chicken, and age-old culinary traditions.
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  • Karahi Craftsmanship: Dive into our Chicken Karahi, where succulent chicken pieces, marinated in a symphony of spices, simmer in a fragrant tomato-based sauce. Each mouthful promises a burst of authentic South Asian zest, an orchestra of flavors singing in harmony.
  • Legacy of Lahore: This dish pays homage to the culinary traditions of Lahore, renowned for its spicy, flavorful food culture. Every spoonful carries with it the soul of the bustling streets, where karahi dishes are celebrated as the heart of local cuisine.
  • Spice Spectacle: Beyond its inviting aroma and rich taste, Chicken Karahi stands as a testament to the magic of spices. It’s a delightful journey for the senses, making it a centerpiece for memorable feasts, family dinners, or a comforting meal on a relaxing evening.
  • For the Culinary Connoisseur: Those with a palate for intricate spice profiles and depth of flavor will find our Chicken Karahi to be an irresistible affair. It’s a dish that both honors tradition and satisfies contemporary tastes.
  • Serving Suggestion: Relish it best with a buttered naan or fluffy basmati rice. Drizzle with lemon juice, and garnish with sliced ginger and fresh coriander to elevate your dining experience.


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